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In Yoruba, "Ayilaran" literally means to "roll in Velvet" and is associated with wealth and royalty. More generally, the word can be translated to "to clothe [oneself] in rich garments".

Ayilaran began from the idea that to obtain knowledge was equal to adorning yourself in rich garments and that through education, there is opportunity and prosperity. We are a small group of experts who are passionate about our disciplines and are dedicated to providing a bespoke education which is married to mentorship.

Group of ethnic multicultural students sitting at table in library. Black guy on laptop.

The Team

Dr. Adetokunbo Ayilaran

Dr. Ayilaran is a PhD holder in Physics and completed his undergraduate and masters degree in Physics at The University of Bristol and the University of York respectively. He has been tutoring and lecturing since 2014 and has helped many students obtain places at Russell Group universities through his tutorials.


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