Jun 14 2022

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A Meeting with Consensus

On April 5th 2022, a listening party and album (Original ConScience) unveil was hosted by rapper Consensus, at the Canvas Café in Brick Lane, ...

May 23 2022


Improving Your Financial Strength

In 2020, we entered and endured  the Covid-19 Pandemic.  What followed was a roller-coaster of economic proportions such as the stock market dumping to ...

Apr 6 2022

Latest Posts

LateX on the Site

When I first attempted to use LateX during my Masters (years ago), my unfamiliarity with it made me think that it was too complicated ...

Apr 6 2022


Can You Freeze in Space?

We've all seen that movie scene: the one where the guy in a space suit has an accident and cracks his visor?  He in ...

Apr 4 2022


Never Doing Nothing

When I was around 19 years old and in my 1st year of University, I frequently played a game called "Footmen Frenzy".  It was ...

Apr 4 2022


A Simple Application of Probability: Deck Building in a Digital TCG

When asked a question with a binary-esque answer - such as "will it rain today or not?".  Your instinctual reply would "50%.  Either it ...
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