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April 6, 2022

When I first attempted to use LateX during my Masters (years ago), my unfamiliarity with it made me think that it was too complicated and needless.  "Why not just use Microsoft Word?" I asked?  Because LateX, once you do familiarize yourself with it, is a lot more functional than Microsoft Word's in-built equation editor.  Plus, that source code isn't available for use outside of MS Office anyway.


Let's see what we can achieve with a few simple LateX commands.  Einstein's famous equation that equalizes mass and energy perhaps?

$$ E=mc^2 $$

Seems pretty sweet no?  Let's try another.  You're a math student and you're struggling with a pretty gnarly integral.  You come here for advice and you post this:


$$ \int_0^\pi \frac{2 \tan x }{1 + \tan^2 x }$$


Ok ok, we're having fun.  So a chemist comes along and claims that she cannot remember the Arrhenius equation.  You, a model citizen, vouches to remind this chemist by writing the equation here:


$$ k = A e^{\frac{-Ea}{RT}} $$


As a high quality type-setting system, LateX makes it really easy to illustrate and share technical and scientific documentation - primarily in the form of expressions and equations.  LateX functionality is available for viewing on the blogs and is available for use on the forums.


Please check out and for basic tutorials and LateX cheat sheets.  Inline equations can be created using  \(  whilst stand-alone, centre-aligned equations can be created by calling " $$ " on both sides of your equation.

Have fun!

Author: Dr. Adetokunbo Ayilaran

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